This One-Of-A-Kind baby leatherback turtle sculpture has been carefully needle felted over a wire armature frame to enable gentle position changes and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

It was inspired by David Attenborough's Blue Planet and has taken weeks to make. 


Measurements - Length 13cm x Width 16cm x Height 4cm


It is made from NZ merino and corriedale wools firmly felted over wire and has glistening glass eyes.


*This is not a toy*


The leatherback turtle is the largest sea turtle species. Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles due every year through becoming entangled in fishing hooks and nets. .
Leatherback turtles eat masses of jellyfish (and sadly plastic bags) making them vital to our marine eco system.
The turtles eggs are also sadly harvested, their habitats are being lost and the coral reefs and seagrass where they feed are being destroyed through agriculture run-off.



Packaging - I aim to reuse packaging as much as possible and use environmentally friendly alternatives (eg. recycled fibre tissue paper) 
I work from my garden cabin using solar electricity and lots of blankets!
10% of my profits are donated to support environmental and wildlife charities


Needle felting is the art of sculpting wool fibres (and other natural fibres) by repeatedly stabbing them with special barbed needles. This process over many hours binds the fibres together creating a firm, textile sculpture.




Please handle gently and keep away from small children and animals.
Do not leave in direct sunlight.
Any dust can be removed with a soft make-up brush.


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Needle Felted Baby Leatherback Turtle